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Favorite Audio

Lord of the Koopas Video Game Song
Seed of Perdition (Lavos) Heavy Metal Song
Pokemon RS - Wild Battle! Rock Video Game Song
FD - Moontears Pt. II Cinematic Song
<EagleGuard> Nemesis General Rock Song
Bloody Tears Video Game Song
The Belmont Legend Video Game Song
Sovngarde Chant (RMX) Classical Song
What is a Man Video Game Song
Terra's Symphony: FFVI Video Game Song
Rectal Computer Miscellaneous Song
Nyan Cat - Genre Music Miscellaneous Song
Hyperion. Heavy Metal Song
The Heist Video Game Song
Capture The Flag Classical Song
-Space pirates- Techno Song
{Factory} Industrial Song
Groangasm Miscellaneous Loop
Nightvision Video Game Song
Kriz: ReMotion Dance Song
Dot Dot Dot Spoken Word Voice
=Strife= Techno Song
Quest of the Manwhore Techno Loop
Last Train to Awesome Town.RzE Dance Song
James Bong 007 Heavy Metal Song
<EagleGuard>Lone Cowboy Miscellaneous Song
Battlefield 1942 Metalized Heavy Metal Song
K&K - Dragons Classical Song
Xeljin City Heavy Metal Song
God Damn Fucking Robots Punk Song
Saion - Hold The Lines Heavy Metal Song
GTA - American Titties Drum N Bass Song
Fucking Metal (farcrydx) Heavy Metal Song
Duel of the Fates Metaliz Heavy Metal Song
Hustlin' Hip Hop - Modern Song
Firemind Heavy Metal Song
Long Time Passage Heavy Metal Song
MetalGearSolid (Piano&Strings) Video Game Song
America Fuck Yeah Tribute! General Rock Song
Numa Numa Remix Dance Song
Metal gear solid2: theme full Video Game Loop
metal gear solid:Encounter Video Game Loop
metal gear solid 3 theme Video Game Loop
{LAi} Less Talk More Rokk Dance Song
Paint It, Black (Instrumental) Classic Rock Song
Iced Earth - 1776 Heavy Metal Song
**The Run** Heavy Metal Song
(8-Bit) Take On Me Video Game Song