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While I honestly enjoyed just about every animation, I felt the collab could have opened with something a bit stronger. Otherwise, this was worth the wait!

Shigloo responds:

Whats stronger than eating shit?

It's been said already a lot of times, but seriously, that is some damn incredible animation. Not to mention it's one of the most hilarious GTA V animations I've seen.

The animation style and art are not the prettiest, but I did get a good laugh out of this, and enjoyed the absurdity of Batman's face contorting in all sorts of ways. And no joke, you should draw more butts.

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A rather interesting yet simple game. I look forward to creating abominations with other Newgrounds users!

Stunt jump!

I will admit, this may be one of the most enjoyable games I've played, around here. Saying that it is addicting is an understatement, and simple even-more-so. Great choice of music, keeps the imaginary adrenaline flowing. Though, it is not without it's faults; the jumping mechanics can be buggy, at times, not feeling as fluid as they should, and aiming to get to hard-to-reach cars is a task. On that note, it seems impossible to jump backwards (directly or at an angle), every attempt resulting in getting crushed by my own car. Whether this was intentional or not is a mystery to me, but DAMMIT, I love this game!


Simply amazing. It's hard to believe that this is your first game. The fact that each character feels balanced and has their own unique abilities and power-ups is inputted to a great extent (Bill+Spread Shot=WIN! <3!) It's a shame to play this game and not use every character, although it's nice to go back to Mario.
I can see why you recommend playing this w/ a gamepad, the keyboard can be Hell on your fingers.
And if there is one thing that amazes me, is that, even though I only have a very shitty laptop to play on, SMBC runs as fast as a crack head being chased by the cops (in other words, real fucking fast).
5/5, 10/10, and favorited. Good job.

explodingRabbit responds:

I'm glad it runs as fast as a crack head being chase by the cops. I was worried about that well developing the game because I just had no idea what to expect. Thank you so much my friend.

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Not bad, you sound quite a bit like him. I must ask though: why did you try talking like Satan in the shower, of all places? Did you realize "Shampoo is fo' yo hair, silly" or something?

TerminalMontage responds:

I.. Have no idea 8D

Not too bad, you definitely sound a bit like him. You certainly got his trolling, douche bag attitude right, which is pretty much essential for Trollzama. In my opinion, I don't think you quite nailed the pitch. As in, your voice sounds slightly more deep than Hazama's really is. Other than that, not bad.

TherathxRikku responds:

Thank you for your comment. I've been working on trying to match it after uploading this and I plan on reuploading it for Doug Erholtz' version in Extend. :]

Not bad at all

I must also say that this is one of the better songs I've heard from ezmuze, and I've listened to quite a few since I bought the game a few months back. I give it an 8 because, honestly, I'm not an enormous fan of techno, but this one definitely stands out. Do you or your friend still jump on ezmuze, by chance? I'd like to hear some more from either of you next time I open it up.

Also, if you don't mind me asking, how the hell do I upload stuff onto the website? I have an account, authorization code and all that, but every time I try to in-game, it just says "Server Busy". Lousy luck, maybe?

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Truly, you are one of the most talented artists I have seen in a while. Your attention to detail, your unique style, and even the use of SWAG are all great. I knew there was something I liked about you when you showed off your wallpaper in the BBS, and this is it.

("Ass kissing levels to the EXXXTREME!!!!" -Klobb's mind)
Submit this to deviantArt, damn you! I must show my respect by giving it a fave!

Speedo responds:

Sometimes my attention to detail can go too far. Like what the heck is that supposed to be around her neck? (They look like set squares hangin offa' her) BUT THANK YOU! My ass is as clean as a whistle thanks to all that kissing ;)

Sure, I'll put it on deviantart for da hell of it

I'm not much of an arty-person, but this does look quite good. I'm surprised this hasn't been scouted for the Art Portal yet, so I went ahead and recommended it.


Well thank you! I have bin scouted now, but I don´t know how long it will last since I don´t have the time to draw on my computer since school takes up so much time.


Lighting is well done, and you put attention to detail. The costume for the major character is also great, but it reminds me of a similar outfit from Lost Planet. The gun was also done very well, but what would you need for a reference to it?
Also, if this were an animation instead of a painting, I bet it wouldn't be rated "E" for long...

Rhunyc responds:

Hey thanks man for the healthy review. :)

This is the reference I used: http://joshandmarci.com/joshspics/guns/blackhawk017small.jpg

I basically just needed a refresher on how a nifty gun looked. As you can tell by the ref, there is really no resemblance, I just kinda needed a basic structure for a refresher. :)

I appreciate it though!! Thanks!! :D

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