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While I honestly enjoyed just about every animation, I felt the collab could have opened with something a bit stronger. Otherwise, this was worth the wait!

Shigloo responds:

Whats stronger than eating shit?

It's been said already a lot of times, but seriously, that is some damn incredible animation. Not to mention it's one of the most hilarious GTA V animations I've seen.

The animation style and art are not the prettiest, but I did get a good laugh out of this, and enjoyed the absurdity of Batman's face contorting in all sorts of ways. And no joke, you should draw more butts.

Great animation and good voice acting, but some of the voices could have been a bit louder (compared to the music and sound effects, which sounded just fine). Overall though, quite funny. I anticipate watching the future episodes of Guards!

Your wit is as sharp as ever, I see. And such juicy and fluid animation too.


Sexual-Lobster responds:


I honestly found this funnier than any of PewDiePie's videos. Any chance of more parodies of famous YouTubers? Not just Let's Players either, I mean those like FPSRussia, Freddie Wong, etc.

Speedo responds:

My next video is ALSO about Youtubers and they are ALSO game players, but its going to be alot different, I actually like these guys I'm parodying in the next vid (you can guess who lol)

A good parody. The animation and comedy is great, and the anime jokes are quite funny, but some of the voices become a bit hard to understand when they're too loud. Not even in the "funny-angrish" kind of way, either. More like the microphone is going "How does loud voices, boss!?" so it just sounds like a loud electronic mess.
Oh, and Leo x Satan totally kawaii desu, uguu~~

Speedo responds:

Yeah that final scream before Satan says "Now hold on a second sir" was the worst, a good example of an "electronic mess". OH WELL TOO LATE NOW

I'll give you 3 for the lolipop* but that's as far as I will go.
*Not a typo :3

No no, Happygrounder, it's more like "FWOOOMP!"

Can't say I'm a fan of most of the audio used, namely sounds effects. Good animation and art, though. I hope to see more of the Skyrim bear in the future.

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