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Posted by Klobb17 - April 24th, 2014

I don't really have anything newsworthy, but here's two characters of mine a pretty cool nigga drew for me a while back.

Also everyone and their mother should go see "The Raid 2: Berandal". Unless you're soft. Then don't I guess.

"Praise the Sun in short Praise the Sun" -random player-made comment from Dark Souls 2





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That's some quality shit, man. Nice!


I still have to get the Praise the sun joke. I know it's from darksouls but I don't know the story of it.
Scott Jund because he's cool

Joke? Tony, praising the Sun is anything but a joke. When you praise the Sun, you praise the brilliant light It gives off, the warming radiance It heats you with, the sheer beauty of Its peaceful, firey passion. When you praise the Sun, you are praising Its ability to help life grow and continue. You praise your own ability to help others out through jolly cooperation. Praising the Sun is no laughing matter, dear Tony, oh no, for even through the darkest of nights, morning always comes. Thanks to the Sun.
Praise the Sun, Tony. May you aspire to be as grossly incandescent as It is.

Sorry senpai

Keep calm and praise the Sun

You are going to use NG more.

Not likely :P

But that makes me saaaad. :(

Hey, there's still... Steam, I guess.

Just remembered I still have to install back Steam.

Unrelated, I finally got around to seeing The Hobbit 2 and The Avengers.
Hobbit 2 was cool. Avengers was pretty awesome.

Avengers gave a really satisfying dose of action, without moving on to being ridiculous.

It's honestly my favorite Marvel movie so far.

Dark Souls 2 multiplayer makes me come up with the most vulgar names. Because I want a username that is just "**** ******"

If you haven't used it already, this may be of use to you http://omgftw.github.io/DarkSouls2CensorCheck/

I tried "MontyPythonsBlackKnigh" which got censored for having "ho" and "nig" in it.

A small YouTuber I'm a fan of, WildPie101, tried using his own name for his character.
To his dismay, the word "pie" is too hardcore for Dark Souls 2.

Are you guys that childish that put such swearwords in your usernames? Grow up

Tony plz

If I get Payday during Summer sales, will you rob banks with me?

My laptop cannot run it .-.

I'll rob banks with Tony is he gets the PS3 version. :D

He's better off sticking with the PC master race ;)