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Not quite dead yet, believe it or not

2014-07-29 00:40:16 by Klobb17

Hey look, a cool guy drew my character from Dark Souls 2.



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2014-08-05 21:05:01

Hey you! Pikachu!

Klobb17 responds:

Bitch I'm a Skitty.


2014-08-08 19:07:16

No one informs me about these posts.

Fuck you Klobb, I thought you were dead

Klobb17 responds:

Man, if only we could keep communication on some sort of platform for gaming, where you can add friends, play with them, and-oh wait we do it's called Steam dingus.

Anyway, I'm alive and kicking.


2014-09-12 23:58:42

Skitty is among the best of pokemon.

Klobb17 responds:

Yeah, but Skitty is NOTHING compared to Raichu.
Raichu is and will always be my homie.