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Still not dead, I swear

2014-09-18 05:02:45 by Klobb17

Fun fact: I'm gonna be working at a haunted house scaring the shit outta people after nailing the audition. So woo~, holla holla get dolla. If I get any pics of me in monster make-up, whatever it may be, I'll be sure to share em.
Also @SubparTony is a dingus.


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2014-09-18 12:38:30

Make-up is really unnecessary for this.
Also, trying to cut off my procrastinating tendencies, so I am on the PC only when I want to check if someone calls me a dingus. And porn.

Klobb17 responds:

Heheheh. I did mention my ability to cock my eye out of place to them, so I'm sure that might be used to some effect.
Ya dingus.


2014-09-19 10:08:57

I have made a pact with @KillerSkull that if you bully one of us, we are coming for your ass, bitch.
And how does one cock his eye out?

Klobb17 responds:

Like this *headbutts you*
Now do my homework ya nerd.


2014-09-20 01:02:46

You better watch yourself. We're coming for you!

Klobb17 responds:

u wot m8?


2014-09-22 08:29:03

Are you going for zombie/living dead thing or are you going to put a sheet on you and just go with it?

Klobb17 responds:

Going by the theme of the place, I assume it'll be a zombie or mutated monster. Although they could honestly have me dress up as a spooky skeleton and I'd be fine.