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Klobb17's News

Posted by Klobb17 - October 1st, 2013

Now that I have finished GTA V's single player, I may resume showing off stupidly cute shit I color and edit for my friend.

This here be an Auu~, the Uguus~ male counterpart and sworn enemy. This little fucklet in particular is named Calico something Auu~. Really, the only difference between the two races is their gender and the fact that Auus~ have ears instead of a tail.

Hey look, an Auu~

Posted by Klobb17 - September 18th, 2013

Whelp, I do believe I have a new favorite game for this generation. Holy shit, GTA V is fucking magnificent so far. Rockstar Games has reaaally improved on what they did with GTA IV, and Red Dead Redemption too, at that. 3 characters to play as, so many things to do, so many stores to rob, so many heists to pull off. Simply put, I am having a fuckton of fun playing this shit. Can't wait for GTA Online to come out so I can do this kind of shit with friends.

Too lazy to write more about it, must resume giving people the finger as I drive into oncoming traffic in-game. Go check it out if you're into shooting, driving, flying, engrossing stories, scuba diving, heists, hunting, playing fetch with a dog, tennis, Breaking Bad, blimps, mountain biking, a myriad other reasons why.

Yes, I'm fan-boying over this shit, bite me.

Also, more of that stupid Uguu~ shit to come eventually when I'm not focused entirely on GTA V.

Posted by Klobb17 - September 11th, 2013

I love saying that. "Adorable abomination". Mostly the word "abomination" in general. But I ramble.

Same deal as the previous two. Drawn by a friend initially, colored and edited by yours truly. This one's name is Lyn Moweh Uguu~. Known as the "High Mother", she's basically the big mama and leader of the other little chibi bitches.
I got lazy in editing, so if the lines look sexy in one part and sloppy in another, that's why.

More to come eventually because #YOLO.

Yet another adorable abomination

Posted by Klobb17 - September 2nd, 2013

Same deal as the one before it; buddy drew it, I colored and edited. I got lazy with that shadowy part inside the sleeve.
This one is named Tuna Kabaub Uguu~. Her life advice boils down to "Give them a fish!" pretty much. She guarantees that it works all the time 5% of the time.

@Nor would enjoy this shit.

Lookie lookie, another cute atrocity

Posted by Klobb17 - August 27th, 2013

A buddy drew this for me because he's cool like that, and I edited and colored. HIVE FIVE FOR TEAMWORK, BUDDY-ohwait, he doesn't come around here anymore.
Ain't it ugly?

Btw her name is Kitty Kawaii Uguu~
Fun fact: she can read braille with that idiot hair lock on top of her enormous head, thus why she often has a book up there. Not in this case, though.

Hey, look at this abomination

Posted by Klobb17 - July 17th, 2013

Oopdoot: I tried my hand at sketching some characters of mine. It's terrible. You can laugh at my inability to properly draw noses and a certain person's jaw here.
I'll draw three others at some point, and maybe pretty them all up in Photoshop or something.

RlrlLRLRLrlrlrl: Steam message pic has been replaced by something millions of times better. I will follow this badass mother fucker into Hell and back.


Those are the eyes of a stone-cold killer. What soul you have left is sapped away by his thousand-yard stare.


He obviously takes great joy in curb-stomping his enemies, feeling their skull and grey matter be squished under his boot.

He is not to be trifled with...

Edit: Hi, Will.


Posted by Klobb17 - July 7th, 2013



I did really good in a LoL match with some friends and this dude named Bu.
Bu dude streamed dat shit.
We were accused of hacking in the end.
It was fun.
Check it out here.

Also Sona is kawaii~ as fuck


Posted by Klobb17 - June 28th, 2013

Switching to a Piers Nivans from Resident Evil 6 theme, because fuck you Piers is awesome.
By the way Kiba and Akamaru are lame.
Wanna join the fad? I'll make you a lame sig for the character of your choosing.

STORY TIME, BOYS AND GIRLS: So like any other angsty foo on the website, my living situation ain't exactly the most charming. This particular night, I didn't want to listen to my drunk stepdad yell at my mother, so I said "fuck it", put on my favorite pants and jacket, slipped my throwing knives in my back pocket, got my shitty black kicks on, and walked out the door for a pleasing midnight stroll. One lap around my street and the one neighboring it, and I pop in for a quick break (with the yelling continuing, might I add), and go back out for another route, this one on a sidewalk by a main road.

Usually this main road is filled with traffic, but at 1 in the morning, not so much. A few cars, surprisingly no hecklers, and even a handful of cops drove by. At a certain point, I decide to turn around and head back the way I came. Relatively peaceful. Saw a cop pull over a guy in a side-street, even. Passing said street, a white modern Mustang copcar passed me on the opposite side of the road, turning into the very street I live on in front of me, before coming back out of it a few seconds later. I'm just about 10 yards away from my street when he flashes his lights and slowly pulls over to the curb next to me. Obviously it was for me, but I know I haven't done anything wrong, so I come to a halt beside his car and politely waited for him to step out or roll down the window.

To my oh-so-fortunate luck, he steps out of the car, and starts walking around to me on the sidewalk. Our exchange goes a lil' something like this:
Cop: Hey man.
Me: *nods with a slight smile* (appearing friendly and all that) Hello, officer.
C: You doing alright?
M: Yessir.
C: What'cha out here for?
M: Just out for a walk, officer.
C: Where you live?
M: **** **** (Suck it.)
C: Oh, okay, so it's like right over there. So, were you trying to get some exercise, fresh air...?
M: My stepdad was getting drunk and yelling at my mother, so I came out to clear my head. Get away from it.
C: Ahh. Is everything alright there?
M: I hope so, I was just on my way to go back, really.
C: Alright. You got an ID on you?
M: No sir. (No need for it.)
C: Any weapons on you?
C: Alright. I just wanna-...something in your hand?
M: No sir. (I hold it out and show him. My hand was hovering over my front pocket and kinda curled, so he thought I was holding something. It's a habit.)
C: Ah, okay. Just looked like you were holding something. Anyway, I just wanna get your name and birthday, verify who you are.
M: Fine by me.

I tell him my details, he steps back in his car and types it in the computer. Gonna be a while, I think, so I slowly step back and lean against the wall behind me. Admittedly, I was a little nervous, because you know I kinda lied about carrying weapons, but I know I haven't done anything wrong to warrant an arrest, so I activate my ginger abilities and calm my nerves a bit. Got a little hot, too, and was tempted to take off my jacket, but I know that would have looked suspicious and show my sweaty forearms and give the cop the wrong idea, so I keep it on. A minute and a half later, he's steps back out and walks around the car again. I make no movement as he approached me.

C: Alright, man, you're all good. Thank you for your cooperation.
M: Of course, officer. Just doing your job, I understand. (in a friendly tone, might I add. No snark or anything silly.)
C: You have a good night.
M: You too.

And then I walked off and we were k. I couldn't help but grin like an idiot when I walked onto my street.


Moral of the story? Shave my beard next time I go out for a late-night walk so I don't look like a mugger or rapist. Annnnd maybe don't carry my throwing knives on me.

Posted by Klobb17 - June 16th, 2013

I know this sounds strange as all hell, but I'm kinda stumped on this certain subject, and could use some help.

Any of you know good examples for a 70s/80s style buddy-cop theme? Something that really captures that funky television show feel. Like Starsky & Hutch. or CHiPs, or the credits song to Leon's campaign in Resident Evil 6, or this is completely unrelated, I just wanted to share it with you.

Any help is appreciated.


Posted by Klobb17 - May 27th, 2013

Yeah, me neither!

(Shadells and I are doing a Statler and Waldorf [respectively] act for a bit. Stay tuned for some dumb banter between the two of us.)

Erpdate: Say I started doing some livestreaming of whatever I'm working on, be it writing something up (which is the most likely out of the other things), drawing or touching something up in Photoshop, maybe playing a game on my laptop (or my Xbox, if you guys don't mind a shitty webcam recording the action at worst, or a sub-par capture device without any game audio at best), etc. etc., would any of you be interested in watching that sort of thing? Admittedly it wouldn't be anything spectacular to watch, but still, something to do and all. Might make for a good opportunity for us to chat while you're spying on whatever I'm doing. Hell, maybe you'll even get into whatever I'm working on, and might wanna help out in some way.