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Klobb17's News

Posted by Klobb17 - April 30th, 2013

Instead of caving in to demands on the last newspost and changing the image on there, I am instead making a new one.
Henceforth, this newspost will be dedicated to the mighty acting juggernaut that is known as Nicolas Cage. By that I mean all of the images on here will be related to Nic Cage in some way, and nothing else.

Carry on.


Someone wanted another video, right?

I want that headband and so do you I hope.

Put the bunny back in the box

Posted by Klobb17 - February 20th, 2013

AYE YO: I have AIM now. Any of you guys use it as well? I'm more of a Skype guy, buuuuut if it means keeping in touch with certain peeps, then I shall compromise. Also, SNOOOOOOOW~

WOOSH WOOSH!: I have just started playing League of Legends. Miraculously my laptop can run it for the most part. It's not too bad, I suppose. I like the spinning blade ability Garen does. Any of you play it as well?
Also all the snow melted.


Posted by Klobb17 - January 20th, 2013

This news post is to serve as a reminder for myself. Comment if you so wish to.

Continue writing "Homestuck Heist" short story.
Draw character portrait of Locke Bauss (Daisuke's [the last dude] squad leader) and think of a short bio to go with him.
Make a shitty drawing of my BBF (Best Bro Forever) and myself as either the Contra dudes or Kane & Lynch.
Write some sort of summary to explain to you what the fuck all these characters I attempt drawing are for.
Read more Homestuck.
Learn the lyrics to more Rick Astley songs.
Annoy a friend to finish drawing porn of some of their own characters.
Deny KillerSkull's pleas for me to draw yaoi for him.
Think of good puns.

Also I recently beat Black Ops 2 after having borrowed it for 8 hours. Bleh.
That's all for now.

Minor update: I finally managed to submit Daisuke onto my art stuff on here. No clue why it was so difficult before, but hooray.

A slightly more major update: I bought Assassin's Creed 3, Gears of War 3, and Dark Sector for Xbox, so those will probably distract me from all of the above. Except for puns. Gotta keep the gears turning for that one.

Posted by Klobb17 - January 1st, 2013

Newgrounds doesn't like me uploading art (or whatever I draw that passes off as "art" anyway), so check it out on my deviantArt instead, if you so wish.
Comment there or here if you like it/hate it, if you want. I'll admit it's not spectacular, but dammit I must be improving slightly.
(Why not show it off on this news post? Shit's too big, yo.)

What else is new... I had a New Year's party. And by party, I mean only two friends along myself were present, both of which spent the night because fuck going home. Hell, one of them wasn't even planned to be here, since he was more or less hastily picked up from a nearby mall after he got kicked out of two houses. Poor bastard. It's a good thing he got to me when he did. (Should you be worried about him, he's with his brother now, so his situation should be marginally better than before)
How was your New Year?

Not much else. I'm sure I'll update if I think of something.

Butter lettuce.

Look at this shit I drew. (Please?)

Posted by Klobb17 - December 20th, 2012

Alright. Fuck it. I'm a few acts into this webcomic now, so I may as well share my opinion about it so far on here.

First and foremost, I like it, if not love it. Great humor, clever story, and likable characters all around. The mostly simple visual style of it is pleasing to my eye, not being overly flashy or stylized like some other webcomics. I absolutely love the interactivity of it, be it exploring a person's house, choosing options in a RPG-like battle (or strife as they call it), or having a character play their bass guitar by mashing the keys on the keyboard for a different note or action, among so many others. Apparently when it first started, a lot of the choices that the characters made were chosen by fans, which can lead to some interesting distractions, like "pick up every useless object for no reason", or "appreciate the movie poster with Nicolas Cage", or "knit a 3-inch thick cover for your laptop". The idea of letting fans have input on what will happen next, almost like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story, is simply wonderful.

Second of all, this shit is fucking confusing. They're playing a game that turns their lives into a game for others to play? Combining a doll and the remains of a deceased loved one makes a ghostly mentor? Wait wait, now we're in the future following some creature wrapped in cloth as he creates a town made out of cans? There's a separate dream world of all this shit now?! Those dudes from the Midnight Crew are a part of this craziness as well!? Trolls?!? Time travel!?? TaLkInG LiKe ThIs FoR No ApPaReNt ReAsOn, AnD TaStiNg ThE TeXt Of ThOsE WhO ArE TaLkInG!?!?!
. . .
Alright... I will admit, Homestuck is rather difficult to try and understand. Hell, it's basically maddening for me to attempt comprehending even a quarter of the stuff in Homestuck. At this point, I honestly just try NOT to understand what's going on in Homestuck, instead just enjoying the ride for what it is. It's working so far, anyway.

Lastly, and this is a minor complaint on my part, "troll speak". As in, whenever a character of the troll race communicates to another character, they talk in some odd fashion unique to each of them, be it ALL CAPS, aLMOST aLL cAPS, L33T SP34K, EvErY OtHeR LeTtEr Is CaPs, etc. etc. This is a pain for me to read. Maybe I'm just slow at adapting to it, or maybe I'm too used to seeing my own sentences crafted to be readable to me like they are now, but I fucking hate having to read what a troll says. You know what? I get it now. They do that shit on purpose to irritate people like me who despise having to read an idiotic sentence or message like that. Cheeky bastards!

Overall, I enjoy reading Homestuck, and look forward to what else it has in store for me. Shout-out to my irl friend Jess for getting me into Homestuck in the first place (albeit after constant pestering [hurr hurr, "pester"...] and making numerous references that I do not get, and still don't get really). World, you're not allowed to end tomorrow. I need to finish this shit, dammit!
(Oh, and GTA V isn't out yet either, so delay your end for that as well.)

Minor update: Using an Ace Combat squadron insignia as an icon until I make a new one myself because I am lazy. Expect a reference to one of the games here and there because I'm a loser like that.

Posted by Klobb17 - December 10th, 2012

Figured I'll show off some tales of mine from playing Far Cry 3. I'll add more later maybe.
(Also, yay, friends list)

Leopards are jerks
I'm roaming about in Far Cry 3 when I come across these two Rakyat warriors (good guys, basically) mourning by a tombstone. Guessing it's a lost loved one or comrade, I give them some space. Then out of nowhere, a fucking leopard comes and pounces on one of the sobbing dudes, startling his buddy who's struggling for his gun. I take out the leopard with a quick burst from my signature assault rifle, saving the survivor. He gets on his feet, walks to the tombstone that now has his former buddy and the dead leopard lying in front of it, gets on his knees, and continues mourning.
The next day, I'm telling a friend over Xbox Live about what had happened to these Rakyat warriors while roving around Far Cry 3 some more. When I finish explaining it to him, I also add in at the end "So yeah, leopards are jerks, bro". I swear, as soon as I finish saying that, a leopard growls behind me and pounces me, making me scream out of terror. After barely getting my self together and fighting the leopard off, I paused the game, my friend asking "What the hell happened?". I exclaimed "A LEOPARD FUCKING HEARD WHAT I SAID...". Of course he dies in laughter, as do the other 2 people that I've told this story so far.
They just don't understand... *shudders*

I'm cruising off the coast of one of the islands in a patrol boat, looking for sharks to hunt down with my sniper rifle. As I'm cruising, I pass by two pirates driving a technical, who end up spotting me and whipping around to give chase. They drive on the road next to the beach for a while before eventually off-roading onto the sand. At this point I decide to stop my boat and maybe take a few shots at them. As I stopped, the pirates steered directly towards the ocean and floored it, driving into the ocean water as much as they could until their truck was submerged. They just sat there for a while, chilling in the salt water for a few seconds before eventually exiting their vehicle underwater. They floated to the top and tried to swim, but being the stupid AI they are, they eventually drown.
Just goes to show that the pirates will do whatever it takes to kill me, even if it means endangering their own lives. These guys are hardcore.

The Magician's Jeep
Walking down a road, I hear gunfire in the distance, so I sprint to investigate. Although I was too late, what happened was a fight between Rakyat warriors and some Privateers (mercenaries, basically), with the mercs being the victors. Deciding to deal some payback, I equip the AMR I bought, which is in a nutshell a very loud and powerful sniper rifle that fires explosive rounds. Just peeking over the crest of the hill with a few blades of grass to obscure me, I plan my attack. Two mercs in plain sight standing out of their jeep, no more than 50 meters away from me. Another merc comes around the corner of the jeep, the gunner I presume, making the total count to three. Waiting a second to savor the moment, I aim at the chest of the merc closest to the jeep, and hold my breath. Steady. Wait for it... PISHAAOW! The bullet knocks him back 5 feet! The other two mercs panic. "Sniper fire!" one of them yells, while the other charges down the road to where he heard the shot rang. I readjust my aim, pointing to the charger's head. Almost... KERPLAAOW! Right between the eyes! Makes his dead body do a backflip due to the force of the bullet. One last guy. He's hiding behind the jeep, attempting to take cover. No matter. I aim right at the spot he'd hiding, despite the jeep in the way... PITCHAAOW! It goes right through the vehicle like a hot knife through butter! His body limply flies back from where it hid. Satisfied with my victory, I decide to celebrate in one of the few ways I know how: by destroying their former vehicle. I don't bother with steadying my aim as I unleash a bullet into the smoking jeep. Now the bullet hit it's mark, but something strange happens: instead of the jeep going up in an explosive inferno like usual, it just... vanishes! The metal crunches like it exploded, and the doors fly off to the side, but the jeep itself just disappears! There's not even a hint of an explosion at where the jeep formerly rested, just the bodies of the mercs. While I was baffled at this act of what I can only assume is magic (or a glitch if you're no fun), I was equally pissed off at not being able to witness an explosive victory. So I turn my attention to the former Rakyat technical and blow that up instead with no problem, and now half the hill side is an inferno because of it.
I wonder where that jeep disappeared to...

Posted by Klobb17 - November 26th, 2012

Thanks to a generous friend, I now own Garry's Mod on Steam. Installed and started playing it last night. Not too bad. Even runs fairly well on my laptop, which is surprising. As for how well I can use it, I believe this dog is an accurate portrayal...

Update: Been getting the hang of it. Mostly been downloading a fuckton of characters, models, guns, maps, you name it, and just screwing around with it. Posing ragdolls is easier than it was when I started. Still messing around with most of the tools and such. The game has crashed a few times more than I would like though, but it is to be expected when using a laptop that's not made for gaming.
One of these days I'll have a gaming PC...

Garry's Mod

Posted by Klobb17 - November 22nd, 2012

I dunno about you guys, but I'm quivering in anticipation for Far Cry 3. The game looks like a major improvement over the second game, to start, and has a gorgeous island to explore, insane pricks to kill, and fucking tigers and sharks to hunt down. I was never a fan of Far Cry multiplayer, but 3's doesn't seem half bad. The addition of co-op is a plus, as well as whatever improvements they've made to the map maker (which they have yet to show off... *mumblegrumble*). Naturally, this is the game I am looking forward to the most.

With that out of the way, there is a series of videos that I think are just spectacular to watch called "The Far Cry Experience". Basically, it pits Christopher Mintz-Plasse (aka McLovin from Superbad) and a cameraman on the island setting of Far Cry 3 to show it off. Things get hairy though since Vaas (the antagonist featured in so many trailers) and his gang decide to be the psychotic fuckers that they are and ruin their fun. The series is intense and thrilling, with just a pinch of some dark humor. Links to the videos below, should they interest you (and hopefully they do). Even if you're not into Far Cry, they are still decent videos at their core, so at least check out the first one.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

No spider-girl this time. Vaas' face has the honor of being on this news post instead. Seriously, this dude is most likely my new favorite bad guy ever.

Reminder to self: still need to make a new icon for myself to use.

The Far Cry Experience

Posted by Klobb17 - November 5th, 2012

Asandir interviewed me a few weeks back, and now it's up for everyone to either enjoy or laugh at. I feel all warm and fuzzy. Go check it out if you want.

Also, as I discovered during my weekend at the lakehouse with my friends, I am rather good at singing Lady Gaga. Whether that is something impressive or worrying is up to you.

Dupyate: I watched Wreck-It Ralph. Good movie. If you're a gamer, you should see it too. Plenty of good references and cameos to make you smile.
And new spider girl. Credit to Kenkou Cross of Monster Girl Encyclopedia fame for drawing this one. I figure I may as well credit the artist if I know them.

Reminder to self: make a new icon to use, dammit.

Hey look, I got interviewed

Posted by Klobb17 - October 19th, 2012

You guys ever been too scared to take a dump? In my case, it's because there's a rotten little spider waiting to sink her fangs into my bony ass as soon as I take a seat. Can't kill the little bitch since they're too well dug in behind the toilet (all the more reason for me to get a flamethrower), so I'll have to play a waiting game with them. Gotta try to catch them out in the open before I strike.
I don't know if I even have arachnophobia. On one hand, I think that spiders are some badass and sexy creatures. On the other, they have a thing for biting me in the most unlikely of places. Just can't make up my mind about them. Hell, as long as they're out in the open and not threatening to kick my ass with their spider-jitsu, I don't even mind them.
Maybe I'm just extremely territorial when it comes to my bathroom...

Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh Nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh UPDATE: So apparently, there actually exists an overlord of mine who resides in Klobbicity, Klobbernation, by the name of (what else?) Klobb. For a Klobb overlord though, he sure is obscure as hell. I never knew of his existence until today. Perhaps there is some sort of conspiracy going on here. I'm thinking me and my fellow (and non-existent) Klobbs should overthrow him in a coup d'├ętat if need be.
Just to make shit weird for him, I made an account on that site to investigate. If things become interesting, I shall update again.
Made first contact with this other Klobb. He has suspicion that I'm a possible troll and for good reason, but hopefully I'll be able to convince him otherwise. I don't intend to cause confusion or harm on that site, just to maybe give those guys a change of pace. Also trying to figure out if he goes by as Klobb on other sites as well. If he ends up being the original Klobb on here, then I shall throw some very harsh sentences his way (can't curse on that website unfortunately. Family friendly and all... *mumblegrumble*)
Now others are suspicious of my true identity. Hopefully linking them to here and my dA account should clear things up. On that note....
To anyone visiting here from the 3DSbuzz forum: Why hello there!

I am seriously considering showing off a different spider girl per news post/update. Because why not.

Spider chilling under my toilet...