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Oppa Gundam Style

2012-09-07 21:44:32 by Klobb17

I was bored and inspired by a similar pic that I saw. Also serves as a sad reminder for how many of my Gundam figures are still in decent condition. From 50 to 5 in 10 years (give or take a few, either one).
I might start collecting them again, now. Bottle caps are boring, and I can't play with them, unlike these guys. Of course, bottle caps can be found anywhere other than places like eBay...
By the way, watch this video if you don't get it.

Oppa Gundam Style


2012-08-23 03:50:24 by Klobb17

My head is killing me and I am craving ice cream. An awful combination.
And I don't even have any ice cream...
Me wanty ice cream. Me wanty ice cream.

So how are you?

A picture of some delicious looking ice cream, to remind me how fat I am.

EDIT: I now have ice cream. All is right in the world of Klobb17. You can all go home nyeow.

EDIT (THE SEQUEL): God DAMN this is some good ice cream!


I have seen The Expendables 2.

2012-08-18 16:36:20 by Klobb17

I liked it. It wasn't the best movie of all time, nor did I expect it to be. There was a notable lack of "f-bombs" in the entire movie thanks to Chuck Norris being Chuck Norris, but at least they played his own character up to being a legendary badass like the man himself. Jet Li didn't get much screen time, which was a fucking bummer. I loved how the bromance between his and Dolph Lundgren's character developed since the first movie (you know, considering that they nearly killed each other. Twice), and would have loved to see more of them interacting than just the opening action scene. Speaking of bromances, Stallone's and Statham's characters are still best buds and friendly rivals, and were often more funny than badass when they're together. Liam Hemsworth's new character, Billy the Kid, was definitely a welcome addition to the older veteran mercs, and probably my new favorite. Also, Bruce Willis and Arnold Swarchenegger finally get to shoot shit, as seen in the clip, and they haven't lost their touch (Arnold really liked making references to his older movies). Terry Crews is still a funny ham black guy with a loud gun, and some of his reactions to certain situations (like say, and army approaching, or a tank aiming right at him) were pure gold. I noticed Mickey Rourke was nowhere in the film, and made little-to-no mention of him. A shame, really. I liked him being a mentor figure to the other Expendables. Randy Couture's guy is still a dude with a fucked up ear that others like making fun of, but he did get to show off some of his MMA skills again, so that was cool. Jean-Claude Van Damme was an excellent bad guy and counterpart to Stallone's character, although I would have loved to see him as a part of the Expendables, rather than be the one fighting them. Oh yeah, and there's some Asian chick who I don't know much about, but she was good at kicking ass and looking kawaii.

Overall, The Expendables 2 is a fun action movie. Story is above-average at best, but I cared more about the individual characters themselves, who were all quite good. And now that a THIRD movie is already in the works, I will be looking forward to that as well. Nicolas Cage supposedly being in the third movie is a huge bonus as well. I fucking love that guy.


2012-08-11 21:59:41 by Klobb17

Watch the video, chump!

Expendables 2 looks awesome. Anyone else interested in seeing it?

So this is what it's like to be banned

2012-08-04 15:26:51 by Klobb17

No biggie. I did indeed post in a spam topic knowing full well what went on in it, and I deserve the ban just like anyone else.

Update: About 7 hours left. Damn this ban is awkward when I feel I have a good/intelligent/witty response to something on the BBS!

Update 2: Right then. Ban is over with.

I want this shovel.

2012-06-27 18:54:00 by Klobb17


I also want nunchuks too...

I want this shovel.

Changed my mind on my icon

2012-05-28 21:34:41 by Klobb17

I've decided to be represented by a chibi Iron Tager, now.
Also, expect me to be saying GIGANTIC TAGER more often.


Should I upload some of my art on here?

2012-05-26 20:14:05 by Klobb17

I'm thinking about submitting a couple of things I've drawn/created onto here. Most of it is already on my deviantArt, but it can't hurt to put some of my old stuff up on Newgrounds, and anything new I make too. I'll be the first to admit I'm not a talented artist by any means, so I'm not expecting any fabulous ratings, reviews or anything. What do you guys think? Is it a good idea?

So I'm in an animation, now

2012-05-14 23:12:00 by Klobb17

Nothing too fancy, just one line of dialogue. Still, I'm slowly integrating into the Newgrounds community as a bit of a voice actor, so yay. That said, if you want me to do some voice acting for you, let me know and I'll help out in any way I can, despite being a newbie and having an average headset.
That's all for now. Later.

This is my team of secret agents.

2012-05-11 00:44:20 by Klobb17

"Cheeseburger": A veteran of covert warfare, Cheeseburger is an American agent with the most experience out of the team. He can adapt to various situations and is considered highly modular in terms of equipment and tactics. He is trained in many shooting stances and is optimized for any range of combat situation, from extremely long distance shooting to close-up combat. It is also said by lovers that he is quite tasty.

"Vodka": A ruthless agent, Vodka hails from Russia's own covert warfare agency, and is currently being handled by the American agency (somewhat as a "friendly gift"). He has seen lots of action over the years, and lots of violence. He has two specialties: infiltrating in public (blending in with crowds, sneaking into social scenes) and intimidating enemies through violent methods. Vodka's brutal, perhaps sadistic nature makes his superiors believe he's more suited to being a shock trooper than an expert in stealth, yet his skills at hiding in the shadows and launching surprise attacks prove otherwise. He sees Cheeseburger as a rival, and enjoys competing with him.

"Squid": A rookie agent, Squid is an English born soldier with some experience in the battlefield, and is new to working in espionage. He trains directly under Cheeseburger and Vodka. His frequent misuse of equipment (more specific, accidentally activating his personal EMP emission counter-measure device) earned him the nickname of "Squid" from agent Cheeseburger, which stuck as his code name, a reminder to not mess up as frequently. Squid has a lot of potential, but requires extensive training from more experienced agents to reach that excellence.

Due to classified intel, the below image is the best possible picture we could find of the agents in action.
Go-go shitty Photoshop skills!

You guys got a team of secret agents that kick ass?

This is my team of secret agents.