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I have fans now?

2012-05-01 04:01:55 by Klobb17

That's cool, I guess. What's up, fans and random people passing through?
I dunno about you, but every time I make a typo here on Newgrounds, even if it's a small one, and I'm not able to edit it, a little bit of me cries out in agony. I'm too used to hiding my dishonor and shamefur dispray on other sites by editing them out, it's weird adjusting to it on the forums here. Hope we can do this soon, because I can't be the only one that strives for the fanciest looking post on here.
That's all for now. Later.
EDIT: I can edit my own news posts. Good to know.
EDIT 2: That jet I made is ugly, so I took it down.
EDIT 3: I like editing.

It's Klobberin' time!

2012-04-19 01:16:02 by Klobb17

I like puns.

Okey dokey. Go back to doing your thing, now.

It's Klobberin' time!

This update is nothing.

2012-04-05 02:00:48 by Klobb17

Seriously, it's nothing. I'm only making it because, well, it's been two years since my last update on here. Kinda collecting dust and all.

So how are you?