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2018-01-19 03:26:36 by Klobb17


Dicks out for Amaranthus

2016-08-11 03:55:22 by Klobb17



Yo Buddy, still alive?

2015-12-07 23:33:01 by Klobb17


ayy lmao

2015-03-09 03:15:05 by Klobb17


Hey look, a cat

2014-11-11 20:31:13 by Klobb17

I lied, it's actually two dogs.

You just took a ride on the ruse cruise, yo.


Still not dead, I swear

2014-09-18 05:02:45 by Klobb17

Fun fact: I'm gonna be working at a haunted house scaring the shit outta people after nailing the audition. So woo~, holla holla get dolla. If I get any pics of me in monster make-up, whatever it may be, I'll be sure to share em.
Also @SubparTony is a dingus.

Hey look, a cool guy drew my character from Dark Souls 2.



Cool I guess.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

2014-04-24 03:07:33 by Klobb17

I don't really have anything newsworthy, but here's two characters of mine a pretty cool nigga drew for me a while back.

Also everyone and their mother should go see "The Raid 2: Berandal". Unless you're soft. Then don't I guess.

"Praise the Sun in short Praise the Sun" -random player-made comment from Dark Souls 2






2014-02-26 23:30:47 by Klobb17

By not exactly popular demand, here is a pic of me in my new glasses. Pardon the potato quality of my laptop webcam. Also I absolutely suck at making normal faces, so instead I resort to making silly looking ones.


I know, I look like a total fagola with them on.

Now, for those who don't know, I have some shit vision. Lazy eye, near sighted, lovely stuff. On one hand, it lets me do some cool tricks with my eyes by cocking them in and out of place to freak people out. On the other, can't see shit because it's double/blurry (never mind the loss of depth perception if I close one eye for clear sight), thus, glasses. Although to be quite honest, at 22 years old, I'm not sure if wearing these will do me a whole lot of good. But hey, I can focus my eyes into place and my vision isn't blurred like Japanese porn anymore, so I have that going. Things are still kinda double vision due to my lazy eye being a betafag and not lifting, but eh, apparently in due time, it'll get used to it.